Monday, March 8, 2010

Product Review: Purefit Granola Crunch Bar

I am constantly forgetting to plan ahead. It always takes a zillion times longer to leave the house than I think it will while trying to pack up three boys. While I dodge the karate kicks, search out the diaper, and lose the keys...again...I fail to realize that it is 12:00. If I leave now, the kids will be starving. So we have a stash of bars to take along.

For a Celiac, the problem with bars is that most are not gluten free. The ones that are fall into two categories (mostly) - dried fruit and nut bars and nasty fitness bars. My kids love the dried fruit and nut bars, and I enjoy the taste, but they don't satisfy me. I want something with protein. A few years back I was introduced to the Purefit bar through the Stanford Celiac Conference. I love their almond crunch flavor - it tastes like cookie dough, and I like cookie dough (who doesn't?). Plus it has 18 g of protein, and some fat. It is a hardy bar. Since then it has become my favorite bar to hold me over until I can find food or to take while traveling. It makes a nice breakfast when you can't be sure whether you will find something GF.

Recently they released a new flavor, and I knew I had to tell others about it. Granola crunch! Yes, now there is a granola bar that is gluten free AND high protein. The bar is very much like their almond bar, thick, a bit chewy with slight crunch to it. It has undertones of oatmeal, and a fairly strong maple type flavor. My kids are addicted - they purposely now forget snack, so that on the way out the door they "have to grab a bar."

Now the bar has drawbacks: Some won't like the texture, and while it has less sugar than most fruit and nut bars, it still has 13 g per bar. Most objectionable to some will be the reliance on soy protein isolate. So, if you are soy sensitive or don't like the idea of soy, skip this bar. Otherwise, give it a try.

Purefit Bar: Granola Crunch
Pros: Yummy cookie taste, filling bar, protein packed, low glycemic
Cons: High soy content for soy sensitive
Available at Other flavors available at

By the way, my kids like the brownie and peanut butter flavors too. I'll eat them, but they aren't my cup of chocolate. I find the chocolate in the bar tastes off (not surprising giving how picky I am about chocolate). The peanut butter has a different aftertaste that I don't enjoy. The almond also comes in almond berry flavor.

Financial disclosure: I paid full price for my granola crunch bars and have no relationship with the Purefit company.

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