Saturday, April 24, 2010

New and Tasty - Yes Tasty - Gluten Free Cereals

You rarely hear of a "local cereal." Everything is made by one of the big companies. A couple weeks ago we were meandering through the Milk Pail Market in Mountain View (a totally fun store by the way), to find a very nice couple sampling their new breakfast cereal. Called Crunchfuls, it looks like cheerios but it is gluten-free! It is made by a company called Pulfoods and they reportedly make snack foods as well.

I was more intrigued by the use of lentils and pulses, which means better nutrition than the other gluten-free cheerios on the market. So, I gave it a sample. The chocolate is very sweet, reminding me of the Koala Crispies. Aaron loved them of course - they are chocolate. The caramel is much less sweet, but still rather sweet. Aaron didn't reject these cheerios look alikes like he has almost all others, and he has actually asked for it in the morning for a week. This is unusual for him, as he usually begs for cereal and then eats oatmeal every morning. He eats them in plain yogurt. The ingredients are pretty straightforward - lentils, rice, cane syrup, etc. Although they are sweet, they have less sugar than many cereals and have good fiber and protein, which is often missing in cereal, especially gluten-free cereal. We will likely be buying more.

 In other gluten-free cereal news....

Nature's Path Cereal has come out with two new flavors. Aaron used to eye all those flakes and clusters type cereals and wish he could have some too. I spotted these new products on vacation, and immediately wanted to try them. I am a sucker for maple, so we first tried the Crunchy Maple Sunrise. It is sweet, but actually doesn't have as much sugar as many of the non gluten-free flake cereals (7g per 2/3 cup). The nutritional profile was decent enough. It has a nice strong maple flavor and works well in a yogurt parfait or milk. Aaron then tried the Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise and enjoyed that flavor more (he is a vanilla fan, while I prefer maple). Aaron downed just about all of the boxes in short-order.

Disclosure: I paid full price for all cereals.

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