Monday, May 17, 2010

Camping Cuisine

The rangers at our local campground always recognize us. We are the ones stirring up a risotto, whipping up our traditional chilaquiles breakfast, or concocting a seasonal fruit dessert. Yes, we shun the hot dog, chips and instant oatmeal in favor of capitalizing on the flavors the campfire imparts. Our setup is hardly backpacking friendly. We bring along our cast iron dutch oven and skillet, premix spices, cart the pepper grinder, and load lots of good almond wood. We take whatever veggies we have on hand and create whatever the open flames inspire (or rather hot coals after the flames have died down).

This last weekend we decided to hit the campground for a one night adventure. The boys explored the wild outdoors, petted banana slugs and continually fed the fire to make it bigger!

For dinner we dug into this weeks veggie bag, which had spinach, radishes and onions. We brought some leftover brown rice to make a veggie fried rice, and cooked up rib eyes directly on the coals. Yes, directly on the coals - neanderthal as it sounds, it imparts a rich flavorful crust. For dessert, we sliced some bananas lengthwise, stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate, put it back in the peel and roasted for banana "s'mores."

Next morning queue the chilaquiles...

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