Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White fluffy sandwich bread, Gluten-Free!

Smoked Pork Leg with Buttermilk Blue Cheese, Mango Chutney 
and Grilled Onions on Natural Food Works Gluten-Free Bread

Last time I was driving through Davis, CA I was knee deep in morning sickness, pregnant with Gabriel. We stopped at the Farmer's Kitchen for lunch, and despite the fact I had heard rave reviews, I just couldn't stomach eating. I hadn't gone back, but this weekend at the Stanford Celiac conference I stumbled on a sample of sandwich bread. It was fresh, soft and light, a nice change from the dry, dense and off flavored standard gluten-free bread. To my surprise, this was from Natural Food Works (or Farmer's Kitchen). Speaking with the owner, Rose Anne, she reported that they have been working on the recipe over the past couple of years. Indeed they have succeeded, and there were raves all around the conference for the bread.

Gluten-free grilled cheese and pork sandwich ready to make 
one Celiac 8 year old a very happy camper at lunchtime

We completed a gluten-free sandwich bread blind tasting earlier this year, and the winner was Udi's. I wondered how this bread measured up, so I went and bought a loaf of Udi's. The Natural Food Works bread is less "holey" than Udi's making it better for grilled cheese or anything that easily leaks out. The flavor profile is different, Udi's has a more developed bread flavor and Natural Food Works is a bit sweeter. I gave Aaron two panini sandwiches without telling him which was which. He couldn't decide which one he liked better, and has given a definite thumbs up to the Natural Food Works bread.

We have played with the loaf they generously gave us, making French Toast, panini, and grilled sandwiches. Everything has resulted in rather tasty creations!

Gluten-free French Toast with Blueberry Yogurt Sauce and Strawberries
Made with Natural Food Works Bread 

They also make baguette, hamburger and hot dog buns and other baked goodies. The best part is that Natural Food Works will ship overnight to most northern California locations. 

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