Monday, June 7, 2010

Gluten-free Finds: Stanford Celiac Conference

This post has a guest blogger. My eight year old son, Aaron. He also has Celiac, and while it is disappointing to him that he cannot eat all the same things as his peers, he also has a lot of options. There are so many things on the market now, and what isn't mommy often makes for him. Combined with his natural inclination toward critical tasting...well he is a born food critic. Aaron this week brings you his favorite items from the recent Celiac Conference...

I really liked Farmers kitchen's bread,it was very moist.
(Sheryl's note: OK Aaron only wrote one sentence each, so I thought I would fill in. Here is our post on the farmer's kitchen bread.)

I really like all of Gluten-free Gourmet's products, especially the carrot cake, brownie and zucchini bread.
(Sheryl's note: The quick breads and carrot cake had a nice spice and moistness. A favorite of mine as well. the brownie was fudgy and rich).

And here is Dana - the talented baker.

I really liked Inspired Cookie's brownie,but I didn't like the lemon lavender cookie as much.
(Sheryl's note; Aaron tried the lemon lavender cookie a couple of days later - he wasn't wild about the texture.)

Let them eat cake's apple cinnimon muffin was great, but I didn't like the cake as much.

And one more note from Sheryl. Mariposa bakery just came out with gluten free Ding Dongs and Twinkies, called a Penguino and Polar Bears. I tried a Penguino (Aaron didn't get to try it, so he can't comment on it). Indeed it was rather nostalgic, light chocolate flavor with very sweet filling. Worth trying if you miss those Hostess treats (although Mariposa's is all natural of course).

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