Saturday, July 31, 2010

Celebrate Bastille Day with "Go Ahead, Honey, It's Gluten Free!" July Roundup

July is the month we celebrate the red, white and blue, but while the rest of the country focused on hot dogs and ice cream, gluten free bloggers were dreaming of escargot and eclairs. Yes, this month we celebrated the French, and what is the best thing about the French? Well the food of course! From sweet pastries to custards to rich savory indulgences and virtuous salad, who says French can't be gluten-free too?

Chelsey from the Crazy Kitchen embraced the French's Red White and Blue with her Mile High Bastille Day pancakes, decorated by her daughter no less! Watch this girl, she has talent!

A gluten-free and dairy free clafouti made by Heidi from Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom, brought me back to a early summer meal in a locals cafe overlooking the Riviera (and no I couldn't eat that clafouti, but I could stare at it).

And those delicious custards are just as happy with summer berries and stone fruit, as Zoe at Z's Cup of Tea show us with her Apricot and Raspberry Flognarde.

Shirley from Gluten Free Easily celebrated National Ice Cream month with a French twist, with her Creme Brulee Ice Cream. But wait, that is dairy free and egg free too!

And lest your sweet tooth is in overload, wander on over to Ecolicious Life and taste the yummy Bastille Day Champignons.

Jenn Cuisine whets our appetite with photos of dear Paris and Croque Monsieurs. Cheesey, porky and gluten-free...

Tracee at Mrs. Ed's Research and Recipes makes me nostalgic again with Salade Nicoise that rivals most you can find in Nice itself.

Find step by step photo tutorial on making a Omelette du Pomme de Terre Chaya at Comfy Cook

Or head on over to Living Free to find out how to make a gluten free and dairy free French Onion Tart complete with slide show!

.Finally, my submission of a gluten-free St. Honore Cake, guilded with the summer's best stone fruit. 

Thanks all for a wonderful month. Next month check out Gluten Free Frenzy who is hosting with a theme of Barbeque Bash. I'm ready to fire up the grill.


  1. Wow, what an awesome roundup! You have done a beautiful job hosting, Sheryl, and everyone has outdone themselves in their entries! All the bases are certainly covered and every dish looks fantastic, to say the least. I'll say what I always say when I see these roundups ... if only we could get together and enjoy these amazing dishes together in real time. ;-) Until then, I'll have to make my way around to all these blogs and start trying these dishes, one by one!


  2. Sheryl,

    What amazing submissions, thank you for hosting this fabulous roundup!!

    It is so nice to know that just because we're gluten-free does not mean we cannot still enjoy beautiful foods such as these. I no longer find myself saying "I can't" and have replaced it with a resounding "Oui, Oui!!" ;-)


  3. Gorgeous round-up!! Thank you for hosting!
    Bon appetit!

  4. Thank-you for hosting Sheryl, you did a fabulous job. Everything looks wonderful. It really is a dream to eat all that Lovely Fench food-sans gluten.
    Ces't magnifique!

  5. What an incredible month for Go Ahead Honey! Gorgeous, gorgeous submissions, presented with wit and verve. Tres chic! Trop délicieux pour les mots!

    Thank you so much for hosting - sorry I couldn't participate. If I could have picked any month it would have been this one, mais - c'est la vie! La prochaine fois peut-être?

    x x x