Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sunday Dinner, August 29, 2010

It is amazing how whimsical children's tastes can be... Then again it is amazing how easily I can change those tastes. A couple of weeks ago I was dealing with the multi-child dinnertime meltdown. Kids were hungry, screaming, and I went outside to flip the chicken on the grill... we're out of gas, midstream. Uggg - so I grab the chicken and put in desperation throw it under the broiler. It was not pretty, and the kids declared that they hated chicken.

For Sunday dinner this week Jason smoked up some lovely chicken in an Asian inspired marinade. Isaiah declared he didn't like chicken and didn't want any. Of course, when I gave him a bite of mine he suddenly declared that he loves chicken. It is a good thing that Jason is around to properly cook meat for them!

Course One
Corn and celery soup with sauteed padron peppers
Course two
Asian marinaded smoked chicken
smoked fennel, ginger plum sauce
green lentil courgette salad

Course three
Buttermilk spiced oat tart with caradamom peaches and berries

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