Friday, October 15, 2010

O'Doughs Gluten Free Bakery: Flax Seed Pizza Kit and Buns and a Giveaway

Whenever I ask the boys what they would like for dinner, the response is entirely predictable. Aaron exclaims, "burgers" and Isaiah says "pizza." I guess we haven't corrupted them too much such that they plead for brussel sprouts and anchovies. Although Gabriel keeps bringing me the anchovy tin and asking me to open it. I wonder what he thinks is inside.

Recently, O'Doughs sent us a variety of products to review and we meticulously tasted each one. It can be a hard life. Two products stood out as clear winners - the white buns and flax seed pizza crusts.

The flax seed pizza crust comes in a kit, complete with pizza sauce. The crusts are square and medium thickness. They are very easy to work with and sturdy. The taste is slightly sweet with a nice nuttiness from the flax seed. We tested the crusts in our oven, toaster oven and on the grill. All worked nicely, creating a crispy crust. The accompanying sauce comes in individual packets, and the boys really liked it. It is a classic pizza sauce flavor with adequate spice. Nutritionally the flax seed crusts are better than many gluten free products. The fat content is moderately high, due to the flax and canola oil, but the crusts do have 5 g of fiber each.  This isn't a traditional Italian crust, but a winner for taste and convenience.

And how did we top our pizza crusts? Aaron chose pepperoni of course, and I topped it off with blue cheese, onion, purple cabbage and peaches. The toppings played nicely with the sweetness in the crust.

Next up is the hamburger buns. Aaron preferred the white buns to the flax and appreciated the sturdy but not too dense texture of the buns. They were best toasted and had a neutral slightly sweet flavor.Overall, the buns were one of the better hamburger buns we have tasted. Often we find hamburger buns to be either dry bricks, super chewy, or to have strong off flavors from the gluten free flours. These didn't demonstrate any of those traits. And Aaron needs a good bun to keep in that bacon, blue cheese and mustard burger. Juicy and gooey deserves a good vessel.

As a special treat O'Doughs is offering a giveaway on Breaking Bread Blog. Leave a comment or send me an email at (sheryl at breakingbreadblog dot com) telling us how you would top your pizza crust or burger bun, and we we enter you into a drawing to win one of three sampler boxes each containing four full size O'Doughs products. The deadline for entry is Friday, October 22nd, midnight Pacific time and the super lucky winners will be notified by October 25th, 2010.


  1. Thanks for posting about O'Doughs - I haven't really noticed them, but I do all of our baking - except pizza lately, as Boston Pizza's crust is quite acceptable.
    Hmmm, well, we are quite unoriginal with our pizza toppings - pizza sauce, pepperoni and ham and pineapple with lots of cheese sounds about right!

  2. I would build a western burger complete with fried onion rings, bacon and lots of BBQ sauce.

  3. We hosted the O'Doughs GF bread table at the Gluten Free Fair in Benicia. Their bread is wonderful, and maybe the buns are the best. People trying the bread really loved it. I'd put an Elk burger (Sprouts Market) between the bun halves because both the bun and the meat would be exotic. Top the burger off with heirloom tomato, and this would be a real treat

  4. I haven't tried O'Doughs...but of course I will now! Where does one buy O'Doughs???

    Now for my favorite pizza toppings:
    a smidge of sauce
    fresh spinach
    fresh raspberries
    and a tiny bit of mozzarella (it is pizza afterall) and either feta or pecorino romano

  5. We love O'Dough's. Our favourite way to prep a burger is to prepare fresh patties with Ground Beef, minced onion, egg and a little toasted GF bread crumbs, salt and pepper. We grill them and sprinkle with curry powder and then serve them on O'Dough's GF buns with carmelized onions, tomato slices and lettuce. YUM!!

  6. I'm new to the GF diet so the idea of even eating buns with a burger sounds fabulous! I would top our burgers with the traditional topings of cheese, tomato, lettuce and the family favorite avocado - delicious!