Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gluten free Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving isn't too difficult to do gluten-free. But I thought I would do a bit of leg work and put together some tips on making a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal. Enjoy and feel free to suggest additional recipes!

Turkey: Gluten free plain and simple, but you can't go wrong with Alton Brown.

Gravy: Use your usual gravy, just sub in sweet rice flour for the flour but reduce the amount by half. Here is a Thomas Keller recipe. Or this step by step from Martha Stewart. Or use cornstarch slurry as Elise does on Simply Recipes.

Stuffing: You can make most stuffing recipes using a sturdy gluten-free bread. Use one that isn't too soft. Anything that falls apart as French toast will not work well for stuffing. Or skip it and try a rice based stuffing, like Wild Rice Stuffing with Cranberries and Hazelnuts or go Asian with sticky rice stuffing

Mashed potatoes: Another gluten-free dish, as long as any stock you use is gluten free. Thomas Keller makes a classic, rich version. Aaron loves it with blue cheese and I am a fan of lightening it up with buttermilk.

Sweet Potatoes: This dish is gluten free, as long as you use GF stock. Here is a nice homemade version - just use gluten free cornflakes. What we do, is simply cut up some parsnips, celeriac, and sweet potatoes. Toss in olive oil, salt and pepper and roast in the oven. Simple, lovely. If we are feeling saucy, we might add a pomegranate glaze. If you want a recipe, try this one or this more sweet version.

Green Bean Casserole: If you make the cream of mushroom/chicken soup with french fried onions version, you are in trouble gluten free. But you can steam the green beans, or saute in olive oil, garlic, with some mushrooms. Here is a simple green bean recipe. You can also make your own version of the classic. You can adapt the Cook's Illustrated version by subbing gluten free bread, and sweet rice flour for the flour. Just make sure and reduce the flour to 50-60% of the amount of regular flour. Use Gluten Free Mommy's French Fried Onion's. What does our family eat? Well, when we do green beans our most common Thanksgiving recipe comes from Thomas Keller. It is really yummy.

Cranberry Sauce: I admit it. I just throw a bunch of things in a pot - cranberries, spices, maybe apples, maybe orange, maybe onion - depends on what I am in the mood for...and my kids will eat cranberry sauce in any incarnation. However, I have reports from many that this is a really great recipe.

Bread: I am a fan of the wet dough, slowly aged in the refrigerator. Here is a favorite recipe. It makes a flavorful gluten free bread. Is it just like the gluten original? Not a chance...or hit up your favorite gluten free bakery and give yourself a break on one dish!

Pies...stay tuned for Apple Brown Butter Crumb Pie and Cranberry Cream Tart in a Chocolate Crust...

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sheryl.

    Holidays are a difficult time for us gluten intolerant and celiac folks, especially Thanksgiving with its reputation for being the year's biggest cheat day.

    I normally stay away from all grains, but Thanksgiving and Christmas may be an exception since I have very little control over the food being made. I suspect that it is a problem for many families eating gluten free.

    Here's a tip: if you're not hosting be sure to bring your own gluten-free dish. That way you are guaranteed at least one thing you can eat.

    I like the suggestion for sweet potatoes, my personal favorite, and sweet enough that adding sugar isn't necessary.