Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Dinner: 10 July 2011

Tonight I bring back the return of Sunday dinners. This time, a fond farewell dinner to dear friends that have we have enjoyed many Sundays over the past four years. I was reminiscing over our dinners for the past few years. At first, honestly it was a way for a CSA host to get rid of excess meat and veggies. I would panic about the amount of food in my fridge if we didn't have some kind soul come eat it for us. But over the years it has become a cherished way to form friendships, maintain old connections, and engage in anything from light banter to deep philosophical or spiritual discourse. It is when we say goodbye to friends, we realize how special these times are.

Course one: Grilled broccoli, shaved red cabbage, pickled fennel, cumin seed