Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday cake Season: Superheroes and Lego

Isaiah never does anything small. His excitement is contagious and he thinks everything is wonderful. It is wonderful to have a child that runs to his own beat and everyone respects him for it. He wanted not only superheroes on his cake, but the villians too. But which to decide...and what about Legos?

Here is his creation...bottom tier...Superman/Lex Luthor. This is chocolate with vanilla buttercream filling. Middle tier, vanilla cake with milk chocolate mousse filling. Top tier, Two Face Lego head made of - of course swirl cake covered in fondant, and dusted with cocoa on one side.  I didn't get a picture, but he put on a repelling Lego Wonderwoman and a bunch of other Lego Superheros. Absolutely adorable.

For those that care....

I used my usual go to Chocolate Cake (based off of black magic cake) for the chocolate layer. The vanilla cake was based off of King Arthur's gluten free vanilla cake, with the brown rice blend rather than their proprietary blend. It was very very dry - but good once soaked in simple syrup.

I used Fondarific fondant, which tastes very good IMO - better than Satin Ice and certainly better than Duff. However, it is very soft and hard to work with when covering a large cake. Satin Ice remains my personal favorite. I didn't cover the second layer in fondant, but just frosted it, for those less excited about it. For what it is worth though the kids loved loved loved the Fondarific fondant and  kept picking it off the cake.

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