Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Cake Season: Incredible Pooh

Over six months ago I made a rookie parent error. And yes I have three kids. I decided to go cold turkey with Gabriel and sold his cloth diapers. All of them. And since then, for over six months, we have done a lot of laundry. The first week Jason had him while I traveled - he said that he was doing great. He just dried quickly : ). Next week he seemed to be making progress and then one day he just turned it off and our washing machine is paying the price. (Yes I did buy diapers but it kills me to do it)

Fast forward to the b-day cake decision. Gabriel said he wanted Incredibles, but at the same time I fell in love with the new Winnie the Pooh Movie. I loved the humor that even adults will get. Maybe I am just simple minded. Then the last scene with the Backson had me rolling on the floor. See, when Jason and I were first married all we had on TV was PBS and almost daily we were treated to Hewell Howser on California's Gold. At first, you don't get the guy, but his enthusiasm for just about everything including manure (google youtube Howser best ever) and the Zamboni is amazingly comedic. If you haven't seen the Winnie the Pooh movie - do so.

I wanted to make a Pooh cake and Gabriel wanted an Incredible cake and Jason's stroke of genius sealed the deal... Incredible Pooh - which pretty much sums up our last 6+ months...

 For those that care, the cake was an almond brown butter (some layers worked better than others, due to our lovely amazingly uneven heating oven), filled with scrumptious milk chocolate hazelnut mousse, sides iced in Italian Buttercream and top iced in White Chocolate Cream Cheese. Mmmm... Yes all edible - as demonstrated by the demise of Pooh below...

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