Sunday, January 1, 2012

Birthday Cake Season! Garage Band Cake.

It's birthday cake season, which always means busy times but also a lot of fun. Aaron is fickle...

We designed an awesome "grown up" spiderman cake, but then he decided he was less into Marvel and more into DC comics (I think I have that right)... but then he decided that he wasn't into comics anymore. Instead he was into Angry Birds - so I went and got a grass piping tip. Then he wasn't into Angry Birds and so this went on, over the course of 2 weeks everyday it was something different....until he landed on Garage Band. This could very well be the case of dumb luck, since he landed on Garage Band the day of my deadline for his cake. Guitar cakes are relatively easy so I couldn't be happier! Chocolate, with chocolate mint frosting and truffle filling. The underlying fondant is orange, then I brushed on copper around the edge, topped with black piping gel. I covered the black fondant pieces in clear piping gel, which made a shiny finish like an electric guitar.