Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christmas dinner

Better late than never...

Every Christmas we have Mexican food. I think it started with a love affair with Rick Bayless on PBS and Christmas Eve Tamales back before we even had kids. But  now, our kids wouldn't have it any other way. This year Jason was on call on Christmas Eve, which meant he would theoretically  be home the afternoon. Luckily, I planned on a meal I could pull off on my own, because sure enough at 1:30 PM I get the call - there is an emergency and he needs to go do a procedure. By now this doesn't rattle me, but it sure rattled my little guys who had been waiting all day to open presents. They were convinced those gifts were going to stay unwrapped forever (not to mention the fact I was too lazy to open the many Amazon boxes so they didn't even know who they were for!). But Jason did come home, we enjoyed our meal and we had a very merry Christmas. 

Chiles en Nogada
Roasted Poblano Chile stuffed with black bean, squash, pepitas and dried fruit. Walnut crema sauce and pomegranates. 

Galavanting through the city and a Christmas dinner - yes in February...

A few years ago when my husband’s job moved up to the city we were planning on moving up there. In the end the school and my job logistics squelched that move, but I still have a romanticized dreams of urban living. If nothing else, for the wealth of good food in the city. Since Jason was working over Christmas this year we decided to modify our typical Christmas even plans and move the celebration to the city. We hiked up Nob Hill to see the gingerbread house at the Fairmont, and down to Union Square to see the very impressive sugar castle at the Westin. We returned on New Years (observed) for another day on the town. So here is a run-down of some gluten free dining with kids in the city – much of which is walkable around Union Square.