Bay Area Gluten Free Buying Club

The Bay Area Gluten Free Buying Club is here!

This "CSA" model club connects you with the best of Bay Area gluten free artisan products. Buying together artisans can enjoy an audience for new and tried and true products, and we are all enjoy discounted prices. It is a a win win situation.

Join today by emailing or fill out our interest form here.

  • Each month receive a box of hand-picked gluten free artisan goods from the Bay Area.
  • Each box will have a variety of sweet and savory, as well as many freezer friendly or shelf stable items.
  • Choose from family box, kids box, dairy free box, gluten-free facility only, and foodie box.
  • Boxes may include breads, pizza crusts, pastas, crackers, baked goodies, Asian foods, snack bars and other items that are typically gluten filled.
  • Enjoy new products you can’t get elsewhere, tried and true products.
  • All club proceeds donated to the designated Celiac charity of the month.
  • Save money with through discounted pricing!
  • Don’t like something in your box? Trade it with a product from the gluten-free grab bag!
  • Option to purchase additional products from vendors and have it delivered with your box.
  • Special holiday ordering available with discounted price.

Interested? See our Frequently Asked Questions or read on below!

Pick up will be in Palo Alto near 101, with potential pick-ups elsewhere. (If you want to have a pick up site near you, help sign up 10 people so we have the volume to do so).
Here are some example boxes with pricing. The variety will change every month, so you can try new things. For instance instead of pizza crusts, you may get some bagels or rolls. Instead of muffins, some quickbread. We will try to keep a balance of desserts, breakfast baked goods, breads and savory items. Each box will contain products from a variety of artisans. Most baked goods, breads and pasta are freezer friendly!

Dairy free and gluten-free facility will substitute products in any package meeting those criteria.

Example Family Box ($70 )

• 3 Loaves of bread (white sandwich, multigrain, baguette)

• 2 individual sized pizza crusts

• 1 Large 3 cheese ravioli

• 3 mini cakes: lemon coconut, chocolate caramel and vanilla bean blueberry

• 6 cookies: 2 sugar, 2 molasses, 2 chocolate chip

• 4 muffins or scones: Cranberry and lemon poppyseed

• 1 baking mix: quick bread

• 4 snack bars or one pack fresh made graham crackers

Example Kids box ($35):

• 1 loaf whole grain white sandwich bread

• 1 pack fresh made graham crackers

• 1 individual pizza crust

• 1 small pack cheese ravioli

• 2 muffins (blueberry)

• 4 cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal)

Example Foodie Box ($40)

• 1 loaf olive bread

• 1 lb. artisan porcini dried pasta

• 3 mini cakes: lemon coconut, chocolate caramel and vanilla bean blueberry

• 1 large beet and goat cheese ravioli

• 2 small creme brulee

• 3 scones